See the Course

We love the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of the green beneath our feet and the feeling of stepping up to the first tee box and hitting your first drive.

Hole #1

289 yards, Par 4

Don’t let the short yardage tempt you to go for the green from the tee, as anything off the fairway will lead to a bogey (or worse). Consider using a hybrid to set up an easy pitch to the green.

Hole #2

247 yards, Par 4

This gentle dogleg right par 4 will punish the long hitter. Play a 160-yard shot from the tee to the left-center of the fairway, leaving a level lie for an 87-yard shot to get you home.

Hole #3

127 yards, Par 3

Use a ½ club less than the yardage calls for because of the downhill terrain. If you mis-hit or mis-club your shot, there is a bank about 20 yards short of the green that will give you some help. Anything behind the green will be trouble.

Hole #4

141 yards, Par 3

The trees down the left side will force the right-handed player to draw their tee shot if they want to hit the middle of the green. Watch out for the bunker on the left.

Hole #5

114 yards, Par 3

Add half a club off the tee to this uphill par 3. Beware of the pond to the left-front of the tee.

Hole #6

175 yards, Par 3

Play your tee shot down the left side to take advantage of the slope, which kicks everything to the right. Do not miss this green to the right or long, as it will lead to a big number.

Hole #7

203 yards, Par 3 / 4

Without a doubt the most difficult hole on the front nine. While there’s a lot of room to the left, it will leave a difficult pitch if the cup is on the upper tier. This hole is a Ladies par 4. Bogey is not a bad score here.

Hole #8

120 yards, Par 3

This slightly uphill hole demands an accurate tee shot. Anything slightly left, right or long will send your ball who-knows-where, ensuring a difficult recovery shot.

Hole #9

274 yards, Par 4

The right-handed golfer should play a fade, as trees next to the tee area prevent a direct shot at the green. A well-placed tee shot leaves a short pitch to the two-tiered green, which is protected on the left by a bunker.

Hole #10

179 yards, Par 3

Make sure to play to the right half of this green, as all the trouble is on the left-hand side. Miss this green to the left and you will find yourself in a bunker or up against the practice range netting. Par on this hole is a good score.

Hole #11

149 yards, Par 3

Everything approaching this mid-length hole is level and makes for an easy shot. Go long on this hole and you will be facing a difficult up-and-down.

Hole #12

135 yards, Par 3

Use less club than you normally would for this yardage because of the downhill nature of the hole. Unique two-tiered green. If you find yourself on the wrong side of this green you have a good chance of a three-putt.

Hole #13

235 yards, Par 4

If you play this hole smart, you will have endless birdie opportunities. Get greedy and a bogey will be in your future. Hit your 140-yard club from the tee to leave you in perfect position for your approach shot to this two-tiered green.

Hole #14

142 yards, Par 3

Straight-forward hole demands the correct club selection from the tee. Use a half club less than the yardage indicates. Miss the green left and you will be in a hazard. Miss it right or long and your chances of making par are unlikely.

Hole #15

194 yards, Par 3 / 4

Uphill hole plays longer, and demands an accurate tee shot. The combination of a narrow fairway and two-tiered green makes this a difficult hole to par.

Hole #16

227 yards, Par 3 / 4

One of the toughest par 3 holes on the entire Olympic Peninsula. The bunker on the left will help you more than hurt you. Trees and severe slope behind the green. Make a par here and it will feel like a birdie.

Hole #17

106 yards, Par 3

While this is the shortest hole on the course, it’s far from the easiest. Make sure to use enough club, otherwise you will find yourself with a difficult uphill pitch. Miss the green to the right or long and you will have a tricky approach to keep your ball on the green.

Hole #18

198 yards, Par 3 / 4

Challenging hole to finish your round. Slightly uphill, it demands a precise tee shot to avoid the tree-lined fairway.