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We love the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of the green beneath our feet and the feeling of stepping up to the first tee box and hitting your first drive.

Mizuno RB 566

Mizuno RB 566

Our next generation of soft compression golf balls

The RB566 and RB566V both feature a unique 566 dimple pattern for prolonged flight. Each with a large, high energy cores that reduce driver spin and elevate launch for a more efficient, stable performance.

Mizuno’s softest compression ball matched with 566 micro-dimple design – engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of flight. Stable, mid trajectory with the driver and nimble around the greens.

Large soft compression core

Combines impressive feel with a stable, straighter ball flight.

566 Micro-dimple design

Mizuno’s additional micro-dimples become more effective as ball flight slows past apex.

Ionomer Cover

For a blend of greenside feel and all year round durability.
Feel: Soft
Trajectory: Mid
Short Game Spin: Mid/high
Spin on driver: Low
Layers: Two
Compression: Soft


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